Welcome to Kids World Child Care and Learning Center !
Kids World is licensed by the State of California and meets all of its health,
safety and staffing requirements
Kids World Child Care
Learning Center
Kids World Child Care and Learning Center
17535 Del Monte Ave  Morgan Hill, Ca 95037
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

            A complete Preschool Program from
          Infant through Junior Kindergarten.

Kids World is located on an acre in the heart of downtown Morgan Hill.
Our child care center has been serving Morgan Hill for 30 years.

At Kids World Child Care and Learning Center we provide the highest quality
educational programs and care for Infants Preschoolers and  School Age children.
We have a structured academic preschool program that is  theme based. The
children are able to grow, develop and play in a positive, nurturing environment.
We begin in the early years, stimulating their desire to explore and discover their
world. The children work with Letters, Numbers, Phonics, Shapes and Colors
on a daily basis.  We include opportunities to develop their social skills during
circle time, story time, and free choice activities indoors and outdoors. The
teachers prepare the curriculum  based on our themes and present the
information to the children using  their own creative ideas. The curriculum is
designed to support the children at every stage of their development. It is
presented to them in more challenging ways as they proceed through our
program. We begin in the infant room, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for
success in Kindergarten and Elementary School.

We work in an ongoing way with the Kindergarten and elementary school teachers
to assure that we are sending very capable students into their classrooms —
children who are confident because they have been exposed to a classroom
setting where they are expected to pay attention, be part of a group, and listen to
their teachers. All of this eases their adjustment to the more formal public school

Our school age program is designed to care for children through sixth grade. We
provide a quiet hour for the children to do their homework,  with assistance from
our teachers. The teachers plan several activities and projects for the children at
the end of the day. We have a full summer program that includes field trips,
cooking projects, art activities, as well as summer activities like recreational
swimming and swimming lessons. There is also a huge playground, which provides
a place for the children to run and to play organized games.
A Safe, Loving Place For Kids
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